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What are your options if you want to buy a 1 oz gold coin? There are two things to decide when you are buying a 1 oz gold coin – which one to get, and where to buy it.

To answer the second question first, you can buy your chosen one ounce gold coin at a local coin dealer or coin store, from an online auction site like eBay, or from an online coin dealer.

To answer the first question, you are probably attracted to the idea of owning a 1 oz gold coin because it is a relatively cheap way to own gold bullion, and to take physical possession of it. Following the success of the South African Krugerrand in the 1960s, most Western countries now produce their own version of a 1 oz gold coin.

The US Mint produces the 1 ounce Gold Eagle and the Gold Buffalo, Canada produces the Gold Maple Leaf, China issues the Gold Panda, Britain issues the Britannia, Austria issues the gold Philharmonic, and so on. All of these coins contain one ounce of gold, though some are heavier than one ounce because they are alloyed with copper or silver so that they can be handled without damaging them – pure gold is very soft.

The national governments which issue these coins do so in the expectation that their citizens will show some loyalty and patriotism, and buy the coins of their own country.  This works up to a point, but to be honest it is boring collecting the same coin again and again, even as an investment, so many collectors like to get examples of every coin to make things interesting.

The key fact about these coins is that they are issued primarily as bullion – they are gold in the shape of a coin, and though many such coins have a face value on them (the American Eagle 1 oz gold coin is 'worth' $50) it is the gold content that makes them extremely valuable.

The 1 oz gold coin prices can be seen by looking (for the minimum) at the current spot price of gold – this is always stated for one ounce of gold – or by visiting a dealer or the sources mentioned above to see what premiums over spot the gold one ounce coins are attracting today.

As more people see gold as a safe haven for their assets, the price will continue to rise.

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