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Those who like gold as an investment, but don't like to own gold coins or bullion (strange people), have been buying gold ETFs, which are backed by physical gold. If you are vague about what gold ETFs actually are, see this page.

These gold exchange-traded funds have been very popular; so popular as a concept and as an investment that they are about to have competition in the form of new palladium and platinum ETFs.

You can already buy platinum and palladium bullion coins of course if you prefer, but they just look like silver to me!

The new ETFs have made gold investors worried: those who would otherwise have bought gold will now perhaps be attracted to the new investments, neglecting gold and driving the price down.

Am I worried? No. I have a theory that those who like to own gold coins and those who would buy ETFs of any kind are very different types of investors.  The demand for physical gold, and particularly beautiful gold coins will never go away, so the market will always be there. 

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