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Physical gold bullion versus mining stocks PDF Print E-mail

Here is a thoughtful article which explains the different risks and advantages of investing in physical gold as against buying stocks in mining companies.

Contrary to what you might expect, since the two options are dealing with the same final commodity, they are very different investments, especially in the current economic climate.

The article has some hard data in the form of comparative charts, and an analysis of US government debt and currency decline. The author suggests it's time to update the old recommendation of 10% of your assets in physical gold to as much as 20%.




The eternal, enduring value of relics PDF Print E-mail

Two interesting news items this week caught my eye.

In one news item in the Economist, the old "gold has reached its peak, time to ditch it" story provoked a lot of debate and comment, mostly from those of the 'barbarous relic' persuasion. The story also features an interesting chart showing the price of gold from 1800 to the present day, adjusted for inflation. It is striking how gold has retained its value over the years - the explanation for investors turning to it when other assets and money seem weak and unreliable. See the Economist story here.

The other story, covered extensively in many media, was about the find of a hoard of 52,000 Roman coins in a field in Somerset, England, which had been buried at the end of the third century AD. Most of the coins were bronze (the 'paper money' of the time, with no intrinsic value). Intelligent commentators noted that though the hoard is not yet valued, it is likely to be worth much less than another smaller hoard of metal also found in England, last year. This was from Anglo-Saxon times, and probably buried in the 8th century.This was valued at 3.3 million pounds (about 5 million dollars). The extra value was in the metal itself - because the pieces were silver and gold. Truly a barbarous relic indeed.

This site and spam PDF Print E-mail

To all the spammers who have polluting this site via the comments facility for months:

  • We delete your messages as soon as we see them
  • We ban your IPs
  • We report your IPs to every spammer protection list we can find
  • We hope you die, or at least find a legitimate way to promote your sites

Real comments from those interested in gold coins are always welcome.






World's biggest gold coin available at auction PDF Print E-mail

This story covers the current auction of the world's biggest gold coin, a Canadian Maple Leaf with a face value of one million Canadian dollars.

The 'coin' is the same size as the wheel of a car, and weighs 100kg. The auction is the result of a bankrupt sale related to the collapsed value of real estate portfolios.The owner is now in jail pending a trial on various serious charges.

The article notes that it the owner's bankruptcy was not the result of his investment in the gold coin, which was a clever purchase since it has increased in value by millions since he bought it (as recently as 2007).

Other interesting topics touched on in this article cover the ongoing 'inexhaustable' demand for gold coins in Europe, with residents spooked by the Greek financial crisis and worries about the long term viability of the Euro currency.

If you want this coin, you don't have much time left....




Strong Sales of proof Buffalo 1-ounce gold coins PDF Print E-mail

I've never really understood the attraction of proof gold coins, which just demand a high premium for being a bit shinier, but still contain the same amount of gold as a standard bullion coin.

However, the market does not agree with me, and current sales of the 2010 one ounce gold Buffalo proofs are very strong. In fact, the US Mint has quickly sold $20 million worth of them, even with a 25% markup over spot.

Maybe collectors know something I don't, or maybe they just want to get their hands on gold at whatever price.








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