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Ancient Gold Coins still worth a lot PDF Print E-mail

If you have ever been tempted to buy an ancient gold coin in good condition, but were put off by the price, well you may be too late to ever own one - unless you are a millionaire, or buying on behalf of an institution with unlimited funds...

In common with most gold items, ancient gold coins are reaching new record prices.

Here is a story about a gold aureus of Brutus (yes, that Brutus, assassin of Julius Caesar) which was minted in 42BC, and which has just sold for $525,000.

Of course the coin is genuine, almost uncirculated, and one of only 8 known to exist in the world, but the selling price is still staggering.

The future for gold investors PDF Print E-mail

Here is another commentary on the recent rises in the price of gold, with some interesting predictions about what will happen in the medium term.

As usual, the focus is on inflationary pressures on currencies, and the likelihood that governments will all take the easy way out and let inflation reduce the value of their debts. Since more gold can't be created and issued, the price of gold in these inflated dollars is bound to rise.

The issue covered in the comments following the article is also the same as usual: is this the 'top' of the gold price, and so a bad time to be buying?

Anyone who follows the discussions on the gold buyer and gold bullion boards will be familiar with the arguments, and of course those selling you gold will want to argue that gold will be going to $3,000 an ounce soon, so today's price is 'really' still a bargain.

As a buyer who buys gold coins at online auctions, there is no doubt the price being asked for gold coins on the open market is creeping up. If you are buying as a medium-long term investment, then prices are still acceptable. Just decide on your max bid, and stick to it.

On another note, if you are a collector of rare gold coins, check this site which has beautiful illustrations of some of the best old American gold coins in existence (see 'Coins we love").




US Mint news resource PDF Print E-mail

If you sometimes buy coins from the US Mint, here is a blog which is devoted to news and reaction to the coin releases by the Mint (not just gold coins of course).

As usual with worthwhile blogs, it is the comments of the users which are most interesting. For example, did you know that serious coin collectors always try to get the very first coins from a new issue release from the US Mint, to avoid the chance of getting coins which have already been sold but returned due to minor defects or blemishes? I didn't.

The blog is also worthwhile to get reaction to price rises, which the current high spot price of gold is driving along strongly.



How much is my gold coin worth? PDF Print E-mail

With all the excitement about the price of gold rising towards $1200 an ounce, casual coin owners are impelled to get their coins out of the attic or the back of the drawer, hold them in their palm, notice how they feel heavy, and wonder 'how much are these really worth today?'

Here is another quick online melt value calculator for gold coins, based on the latest spot price for gold.

It covers all the popular gold coins like eagles,sovereigns and francs.

If you have gold gram bars, it will also tell you how much they are currently worth.

Fake sovereigns PDF Print E-mail

If you collect gold sovereigns or are thinking of buying your first one, it is always worth keeping up with the permanent sovereigns thread on the Kitco forum.

It currently covers another fake sovereign seen in circulation, and has some useful tips about how to identify these forgeries as actual fakes.

In addition, there is some interesting asides about the rising demand for sovereigns and their popularity in Greece, the country with the disintegrating economy which is dragging down the value of the Euro currency itself.

If you are a cautious investor, it is always better to go with well known coins like sovereign, as there will always be a market full of eager buyers when the time comes to sell. This would not necessarily be the case with rarer and less recognizable gold coins.




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