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A wholesale gold price guide PDF Print E-mail

Here is a guide to what wholesale prices are like right now for gold coins

This covers all the common bullion coins, including Eagles, Maples, Krugerrands, Philharmonics, Buffaloes and Pandas.

Note that the prices are given for purchases of 10oz or more, and that the prices update every minute.

There is also a price guide for commonly traded historical gold coins like Liberties, Indians and St-Gaudens which have been certified. Further down the page you will also see a guide to the actual gold value (by the current gold price) of world gold coins like sovereigns, Austrian Coronas, the Mexican gold Pesos series, Belgian, French and Swiss gold francs, and many more world coins.

Fake coin testing videos PDF Print E-mail

If you ever worry about buying fake gold coins instead of the real thing (I know I do) then here are some videos on gold coin testing which you may find interesting:

Testing gold itself for purity:


More about fakes and counterfeit coins PDF Print E-mail

Another useful thread on the Kitco forums, and one which I hope continues for a while, discusses user experiences with fake coins - how they bought them, how they became suspicious, how they identified them as fake, what they did about it, and so on. Read the discussion thread here.

There seems to be two kinds of counterfeit gold coin sellers - those who are basically criminals, selling gold coins they know are fake, and those who are innocently selling a fake as a real coin, because they don't have the knowledge or experience with coins to know the difference. The latter are much more likely to give you a refund of course.

I had not been aware of the company selling "31mg pure 9999 gold clad" Buffalo coins - alloy coins with a thin gold plating. This is pretty nasty marketing, though in this case they are not pretending the gold coins are the real thing.

New Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins available PDF Print E-mail

Krause's new Standard Catalog of World Gold Coins has just been released. They call it with some justification the 'ultimate gold coins book'.

The Krause world gold coins guidebook

This guidebook of over 1400 pages lists 400 years of gold coins (1601 AD to the present day), featuring actual-size photos of all coins, current market values of the coins and coin weights and measurements.

If you collect numismatic or circulation coins then this book will become your most trusted reference.

You can click here to read more about this essential coin collector's guidebook.





Where are all the gold bullion rounds? PDF Print E-mail

A question which used to bother me has just been answered over at the goldismoney site: why can't you buy non-denominated gold bullion rounds in the same way and in the the same variety you can buy privately minted silver bullion rounds of all kinds?

In the 19th century many American jewelers, particularly in California, manufactured and issued their own gold currency coins, marked with dollar values, and these became widely circulated. You can look at examples of all of these in the Krause Modern World Gold Coins guide. Of course, the government made sure this was stopped, and all private coinages were made illegal. The gold coins which survive are now hugely expensive for collectors, even in only 'Fine' condition, as the Krause guide indicates.

But why don't modern private mints issue their own gold coins without a dollar value on them? The answer is of course that they do, although they are not popular with collectors as they worry about their resale value to buyers who may not be familiar with them or trust them (in the way that coins issued by national governments can be trusted to be what they seem).

You can get gold rounds issued by Scotiabank and APMEX, and the formerly issued Engelhard rounds. Commemorative gold coins are often issued too, but again you are trusting that there will be a market for them if you come to sell them. 


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