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Another set of coin price guides PDF Print E-mail

Here is a great summary of what coin price guides (for all kinds of coins, not just gold collectible or gold bullion coins) are available both online and offline:

Coin Price Guides

It covers many resources you may not already be aware of. Don't be put off by the plain appearance of that site! The information it provides is excellent.




Gold bullion coin bargains harder to find PDF Print E-mail

There are many informational tools which track the changing price of gold coins on eBay, such as the Goldprice tool.

Of course, the price of gold coins everywhere rises as the spot price of gold rises, and since July the price has been up and down, but generally rising.

There is another factor which is pushing up the price of gold coins even more though. As the media coverage of the price of gold and its value as a 'safe haven' investment grows, people who would not normally consider gold at all are now being informed it is a smart move to get some gold, and are heading to eBay and the other auction sites in droves, to get their hands on some.

The effect of this is to make the bids at some gold bullion coin auctions go farcically high, as several naive bidders go against each other.

Attractive looking, but fairly ordinary coins are getting large prices for their sellers. 

So what do serious, long term investor/collectors of bullion do? This is difficult to answer, but I'm not buying at the moment, until things calm down. 

The value of gold error coins PDF Print E-mail

Error coins, and particularly gold error coins, have always been favored by collectors, meaning that the price for an AU error coin can be much, much higher than for a regular coin. This is because such coins are very, very rare.

What sort of minting errors are there? Errors include:

  • Partial collar (partial reeding on the coin's rim)
  • Broadstruck (spread and distorted)
  • Clipped planchet (a blank with a piece missing)
  • Off-center strikes (self explanatory)

For an overview of these and other minting errors see Wikipedia.

What about the actual values of gold coins which show such errors?  As you would expect, there is a site dedicated to just this subject.

Check out the gold coin page at Mint Error News to see the amazing prices such coins can fetch. Then start looking out for such a coin!

CAC stickers and their effect on gold coins PDF Print E-mail

The Certified Acceptance Corporation's green stickers on slabbed gold coins, which indicate that an independent confirmation of the coin's grading has been done, are now having an effect on the market.

A recent analysis has shown that the stickering system has added value to many types of coins, particularly high value coins like St Gaudens double eagles and early American gold coins (meaning early 19th century coins). 

The CAC stickers give buyers more confidence that they are really getting the grade of coin which is stated, especially for the high prices brilliant proof gold coins. Over the two years since its inception, the CAC verification system has become much more widely used and accepted.

Read more:

What Gold Coins Do CAC Stickers Add the Most Value to?

Certified Acceptance Corporation (CAC)



One ounce or ten tenths? PDF Print E-mail

There is an interesting thread at the moment over at Kitco about buyers' preference for small fractional gold bullion coins as against full ounce coins.

There is a surprsing majority (it seems to me) in favor of the small coins, despite the premium that buyers pay for them.

While I have some tenth eagles myself, and can see the attraction, other gold collectors/investors seem to like the tenth ounce coins because they are more affordable when you don't have enough spare cash for a full ounce, because they are more liquid and can be onsold more readily when the time comes, and also because they diversify your physical holdings.

It may also be that you can imagine yourself 'spending' the little gold coins, while the one ounce gold bullion coins don't really seem like money. Like a child, the 'more' you have the richer you seem....






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