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Finding the value of a rare gold coin PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 September 2010 21:33

If you have a rare gold coin (or any type of rare coin) and want to find its value without the trouble of taking it to a dealer, then you can look for the price similar coins to yours have realized at an auction.

The wonderful Heritage Auctions site will give you such prices for over a million coins, including the popular gold coins of the USA and many other countries. 

If you know what your coin is and its date, you simply type those details into their Past Auctions search to see the final price the seller obtained.

If you intend to sell your coin to a dealer, or have it insured, it is worth establishing and arming yourself with the knowledge of what your coin is likely to be really worth.

You can also just browse coins by type, such as Eagle, half eagle, gold dollar to check the most recent prices buyers were willing to pay.


Is coin collecting in decline? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 August 2010 22:04

Here is an interesting article which addresses the issue of coin collecting (for all kinds of coins, not just gold) and whether as a hobby or as a financial or wealth-building pursuit, it is in a long and relentless decline.

Obviously for those who are collecting gold bullion coins as an investment or as a form of security, this is a vital question. If you intend to sell your coins for a profit in the future, there needs to be a large, strong market for them. If not, they are just so much metal in a drawer.

The author addresses concerns like the perception that most coin collectors are over 50 and few younger people are joining in or attending coin conventions, that people simply no longer have the spare cash for an expensive hobby like coins and that physical coin stores are losing customers and closing down. In addition, print publications which cover coins are not thriving.

In response to these points, it may be that the internet has affected the way coins are bought and sold, in that it is easy to educate yourself about coins, browse coins, and buy coins from all over the world on auction sites like eBay and online coin stores - without ever attending a coin convention or speaking to a coin dealer in person.

In addition, the rising price of coins, particularly rare and precious metal coins in good condition, indicates that the market is in fact very strong, and will continue to be so. We can conclude that those who collect coins intending to sell them later for a profit can sleep easily in their beds....


Gold beats property and equities, again PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 August 2010 22:15

Here is another story, this time from one of the papers in London, about how gold has outperformed everything else as an asset this year so far - precious metals are best.

Aren't we lucky we know that 'precious metals are best' already, and have a lot of it stashed away? Note the dismal performance of residential property, equities and other commodities on the chart.

Note also this quote:

"The level of demand from emerging markets, such as China and India, is also likely to remain an important determinant of many assets prices."

Yes, those emerging markets love gold too. What will that do to the price of gold in coming years? 



Finding the value of gold grams and grains PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 August 2010 21:45

If you are like me and have been tempted to sometimes buy small gold bars instead of coins, here is a site which will show you the actual melt value of gold bars, from one gram upwards - Gold Gram Bars.

In addition, grain bars are also now being sold (look out for more of this in the coming years as the price of gold rises). A grain is about one-fifteenth of a gram and so a grain gold bar can be had for a couple of dollars (though it is so small it would be very easy to lose!). These may have 'rarity' or collector value as well of course.

Gold prices soften in July and August, as usual PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 July 2010 22:30

As you will have noticed, the gold spot price has been falling over the last month, and is very likely to continue falling in August.

As this interesting article explains, this is an annual phenomenon, and gold investors, whether in stocks or in gold bullion, can expect the price to rise again in September. In fact, if you take the price from the beginning of the calendar year, the price is now higher than it was then.

The (northern hemisphere)  summer decline is caused by various influences, including reduction in demand, and it being the low point in the jewelry making cycle driven by Indian buyers (India is the world's largest consumer of gold). In addition this year, commodity traders have moved recently to 'riskier' assets as worry about the financial recession abates.

Expect more normal gold trading to resume in the (northern) autumn. Meanwhile, the price of gold on online auctions has been flattening out - a good time for smart buyers!


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