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This chart shows what buyers are paying for gold coins on the auction site eBay (US).

You can use it as a quick reference for what you can expect to pay for a Krugerrand, Maple Leaf, Sovereign or American Gold Eagle coin, as well as a 1oz bullion bar. The gold spot price below the chart is the price at the time the  chart data was generated. The chart is updated once a day.


ebay gold prices

ebay Gold Prices provided by Gold Price .org


Here is what the above columns mean:

High: The highest gold price paid for a gold coin in the last day.

Low: The lowest gold price paid for an item in the last day.

Avg: Average between the above.

Prem %: The premium over gold spot  price or spot silver price of the last Sold (High). 

Chng %: The percent change of the current (High) and last (day before) (High). 

# Items: the total number of coins of the specific type (1oz, 1/10th oz) that were sold in the last day.

# Bids: the total number of bids on those specific coins.

Total oz: the total number of ounces of all items of the specific type.This is a guide to the relative availability of the different types of coin.

The Gold price is the COMEX spot gold price at the time the eBay Gold Prices table is published.



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