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Selling your Gold Coins

Here is a list of online dealers who you can sell your gold coins to. (We have not covered those services which you can sell to, but only in person. We assume you can find local coin dealers in your area by using the phone book if you want to sell your coins that way.)

To get an idea of the price particular gold coins are selling for, you can check eBay listings, or check our page which notes the price paid on completed eBay sales.  On the day you intend to find a gold coin buyer, you should also check the current spot price of gold.

We are not affiliated with any of the sites below, but offer this selling gold coins list as a resource for those looking for gold coin buyers.

  • Tulving
    They will take your gold (and other precious metal) coins in the USA. First phone their toll-free number to get your quote, then follow their instructions to ship your coins to them. They reimburse the shipping costs.
  • BullionDirect
    They run their Nucleo Exchange, which allows sellers like you to find buyers for their gold coins. You can look at coins currently being sold, their bids and the asking price, before you use the service. When you offer your coins to be bought, you can ship your coins to BullionDirect before they sell, or wait until the sale is made. They take a 1% commission.
  • Goldmasters
    (USA only). Shows the price they are willing to pay for your gold coins, and they will contact you with an email quote once you tell them what you want to sell. Prices on offer are listed for Eagles, Buffaloes, Maple Leafs, Krugerrands, Indian Heads, Liberties, Pandas, Mexican Gold Pesos, Philharmonics, Nuggets/Kangaroos,  and many other gold coins. Go straight to their gold coin buying prices page.
  • Apmex
    They will purchase your gold coins as long as they meet the minimum transaction value of $1000, and as long as they feature in their Products section. This range includes the usual bullion coins like Eagles, Maple Leafs, Buffalo coins, Philharmonics, Krugerrands, and also Sovereigns, pre-1933 US gold coins, Perth Mint coins and much more.
  • Kitco
    You can sell your gold coins to Kitco, and they have no minimum purchase. You can call a number to get a quote, then send your coins by insured mail within 24 hours to get the price quoted. They will take coins from the US, Canada and internationally. You can also check their published gold buying prices for various gold coins.You can also sell to other members on the Kitco forum Sell/Trade thread.
  • Taxfreegold
    This site is based in England, but buys gold coins from many countries. Their focus is on sovereigns, but they take all types of gold coin, whether bullion or historical. They also consider coins in any condition. They have an informational page which gives some tips on sending coins by post.
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